Sunday School 2017-2018

A children’s programme is offered to coincide with the sermon for all children from age 2 to 6th grade. We use teaching material supplied by Orange.

Children from 2-5 are placed into age appropriate classes and learn the Bible lesson. The theme changes each month. There are also action songs and craft activities. A crèche is available for 0 – 2s from 10:30 – 12:00

Children from 1st-6th grade meet their teacher in the “Orange” room.  If you are not sure where this is, there will be a person to direct you there.

There, we learn the Bible story as a big group, as well as sing a few worship songs, tailored to children. After that, the group is broken up into three groups (1-2nd grade, 3-4 grade, and 5-6 grade), where leaders reinforce the lesson through activities. This is all provided through the curriculum.

All teachers and assistants give their time on a voluntary basis and are asked to serve with a joyful heart at least once per month. There are always gaps for willing volunteers so if you feel that the Lord has called you to become involved in Children’s Ministry please contact us.

The aim of the Sunday School is to create an environment where children feel comfortable, happy and confident in order to ground themselves in the foundational truths and stories of the Bible. International moves are unsettling, so we invite you to remain with your child in Sunday school until they are ready to have you go. Likewise any time your child goes through a wobbly patch please feel free to stay in class with him/her – and share any concerns and prayer requests in confidence with his/her teachers.

Outside of the Sunday Children’s Programme children are their parents‘ responsibility. Please watch little children in the play areas.  Please do not allow your children to play in the parking area.
First aid kits can be found in the entrance foyer on the ground floor and in the Sunday school admin office on the first floor.
We hope your children will feel welcome at ICF and we are looking forward to growing with them
Crèche will be open to take care of children under two years old. We have two child care workers. The crèche is open during the service, starting at 10:30. It is situated in the old building, ground floor, on your left as you come up the adjoining stairs. If you have any comments or queries, please don’t hesitate to send an email to
If you have not registered your children at ICF then please do so now. You can download a Sunday School Registration Form, see below. Please print it out and bring the completed form to the office at your next ICF visit, or to register online please click here.