#nofilter Christmas

The number one tag on Instagram at the moment is “#nofilter”. It indicates that a photo posted was without any camera filters or special effects. It means the photo is pure and captures the beauty of the moment. There is a bit of irony in this designation since most people’s social media posts go through a very fine filter; namely what makes my life look great and awesome and enviable! The Gospel writers were true trendsetters when it comes to “giving it to us like it truly is”. They were the first to give us a truly #nofiltered account of Jesus Christ. This Christmas time, let’s all together dig-in to explore the Christmas story in its purest, most unfiltered form!

2 December: John: The Pre-existent, Eternal, Invisible Christ

9 December: Mark: The Long-Awaited Saviour

16 December: Mathew: The King of the Jews

23 December: Luke: The Vindicator of the Poor