House Groups

House Groups

House Groups

We believe that personal relationships develop best in the context of small groups. Jesus himself followed this principle with his small group of disciples. Connecting people in a small group is essential for spiritual growth. Without this connection people are, at best, attenders of meetings but not true participants in church.

  • It is within house groups that people feel they are part of our family and are connected to one another.
  • It is within house groups that we are seeing the results and victories of transformed lives.
  • It is within house groups that people have the opportunity to discover, practice and develop the practical and spiritual gifts they have been given.
  • It is within house groups that leadership qualities are demonstrated, sometimes for the first time. This opens up more opportunities for ministry within ICF.
  • It is within house groups that new and significant outreaches are being started.

Meetings are informal and held in the relaxed surroundings of someone’s home. Each group has a different format and dynamics, but as a minimum all will spend time in worshiping God, studying his word (the Bible) and in prayer together.

It is our desire that all members and friends of ICF are cared for and grow in a house group. Therefore, if you are a newcomer or don’t have a small group yet, please contact us if you would like to join a small group. Here below are some of our House Group Meetings:

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13:00 – Wiesbaden (2nd and 4th Sunday/Month)
Bertie and Eems.

20:00 – Oberursel
Stefan and Michelle
20:00 – Bad Homburg
Manfred and Sigrid

18:30 – Frankfurt am Main
Laurie and Jimmy
18:30 – Bad Soden
Mathias and Debby
18:30 – Nieder-Eschbach
Verena and Agghiad